About Us

Organizational Background:

Tirupati Educational Institute was started as “Tirupati Classes” in the year 1995. After years of research and experience, it has elaborated widely and with many courses for learners. So, far maximum number of students, job seekers, employed people, professionals, housewives and business people have benefited from it. Undoubtedly, TEI has emerged its target satisfactorily teaching all these years. The institute offers highly professional training in communicative skills in all the prescribed courses through its direct training classes. Approximately 970 students have benefited through our educational services and are studying in the different countries like USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Germany, and other European countries.



Assist the students to reach to the dreams of gaining International Qualification, awards and degrees by training through different Programs and courses and accessing to get admissions to International Universities and Educational Institutes.

Awards & Achievements:

Certificate of Authorised Input Node
Certificate of an authorised Input Node Of IDP IELTS Australia
Certificate of Recognition Meet,2015
Certificate of Representation Apply Board
Selkirk College Certificate of Participation
Annual partners recognition meet,2015